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Inside the Mind of a Madman



I know what you’re thinking just from looking at the teaser above: when the fuck is this book coming out?  I know.  Me and the Wife announced a couple of weeks ago that we’re teaming up to write a series entitled Wilde King, and the reception of that announcement was amazing.  Both of us are beyond excited to get this series going, and this is how it’s going to shape up…

Madman (A Wilde King Novel 1a)
Seductress (A Wilde King Novel 1b) By Isabel Lucero
Mad Love (A Wilde King Novel 2)

Notice the way the 1st two books are labled 1a and 1b?  That’s for a reason.  My talented and beautiful wife is writing Seductress (Wild King 1b), and it’s the story of Reina Wilde, a woman with a rough childhood and horrible life experiences that shaped how she became an adult.  That’s the way things work sometimes.  Sometimes you’re born into a wealthy family and everything is supposed to be easy for you, as long as you abide by the family rules.  But when you don’t abide, the cracks in the foundation become bigger and bigger until the whole thing breaks and you become someone you didn’t expect, attracted to things and people you never thought–things and people that “normal” people do their best to stay away from because they know better.  Reina Wilde is broken, and she needs someone else who understands what it’s like to be broken too.  She just didn’t expect to find someone who was even more broken.  And she didn’t expect to love it so much.

I’m writing Madman (Wilde King 1a), the story of the most insane, confusing, challenging character I’ve ever created.  Solomon King is broken too, but he’s different from your usual anti-hero.  Solomon is a psychopath who’s also smart and driven, motivated and ambitious, and he’s everything a villain is supposed to be, yet Reina sees him as a hero.  He’s not.

Solomon is different from all my other characters, even the one I loved the most, Dominic Collazo from Kingpin and Long Live the King.  Dominic was brutal and he was a worthy boss of his Italian mafia family.  He had limits though, Solomon doesn’t.  No one should love someone like Solomon.  How could you love someone you’re terrified of?  So Reina has to be just as crazy as Solomon if she’s going to love him, and that insanity erases her fear.  Solomon’s brain isn’t like a normal one, so when I’m writing his inner dialogue, I find myself having to be in a certain zone, because I don’t just write characters, I become them.  I’ve written background and info on Solomon that will never make it into Madman or Mad Love, but it was important because I had to put myself into a certain frame of mind to write his book, and I couldn’t do that without understanding absolutely everything that happened to him to make him the way he is.  I had to understand WHY Solomon King is Solomon King.  It couldn’t be on the surface, it had to be deep.  I had to take the time to shape my mind into that of a depraved psycho who has no problem laughing while he’s killing you.  Someone who has no problem taking a life at the drop of a dime, yet one who could love Reina in his own way.  His love for her isn’t normal because he isn’t.

So how do psychos love?  It’s a helluva question, and answering it is a fucking task.  Before writing this blog post, I stopped writing for a week, because when I would sit down to write Madman, I’d find myself getting stuck because I felt too normal.  You can’t write Solomon King and be normal.  I know I’ll fuck it up if I do that, so I’d rather stop and come back tomorrow, and then stop again if it still doesn’t feel right.  After I publish this blog, I plan on writing the next chapter in Madman, and I expect it to be epic.  My coffee is extra strong tonight, and after a week off, I feel ready to commit to Solomon’s mindset.

It takes patience.  Writing as Solomon King feels like writing as all my heroes and all my villains combined.  He’s all of them, Kelvin Carter and Senior mixed up.  He’s Jarrod Granger, the Tongue Snatcher, and the Snowman Killer, all rolled into one.  He’s Dominic Collazo and Abram Baskov fused together.  The perfect hero and the perfect villain.  Violence and peace. The best heaven and the absolute worst of hell.  He’s the most difficult character I’ve ever had, and that’s why he’s the best of them.  He’s unlike anything you’ve read before, because he’s taking me to a place I’ve never been before.

And I won’t let him be overlooked either.  There’s been enough of that (see Red Snow).  Madman is mine, Seductress is Isabel’s, and Mad Love is both of ours.  It’s going to take some time, because I refuse to give Solomon less than what he deserves, and he deserves all the attention in the world.  And he’ll get it.  He’ll take it.  Him and Reina both.  #TheMadmanCometh



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