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LLTK is Coming and So Are My Nerves

Today is Wednesday, LLtK goes live on Monday, and I’m nervous as crap!  So, here’s my issue; Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance Duet #1) did so well, I’m totally freaking out about meeting that expectation again.  Don’t get me wrong, I put in the work during the writing phase, and I’m certainly doing everything I can in the promotion phase right now, but it’s becoming so difficult to sell books and get people to read your work these days.  Dominic Collazo is the best character I have given the world yet, and he’s so awesome in this book, but having one good-selling book is tough, so doing it twice in a row is super hard.

I am not Colleen Hoover.  I don’t have a legion of fans who are ready to drop what their doing to one-click my book.  I’m not a part of a fraternity. Bloggers are not foaming at the mouth to rant and rave about WS Greer, so I have to dive into promo mode head-first and reach out and beg for my books to be talked about.  So, here is my pitch to all my fans out there who are ready and waiting for my next release… READ LLTK, AND THEN SCREAM FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT!!

I need you out there telling your friends about Dominic and putting them on about this book, because I worked so damn hard to get this book revised and finished.  I worked longer and harder on this book than any other book I’ve done, and it means so much to me that it does well.  Dominic is my first badass, and he is the beginning of so many more characters, and I want him to succeed.  He’s been through a lot, and he’s earned it.  The characters that will come after Dominic will only exist because he did, so I’m rooting for him to do well, and that doesn’t happen without your help.

So, the time has come, book world!  Long Live the King is just around the corner and ready to take you on a joy ride to an epic conclusion to this duet.  Buckle up, and get ready to tell your friends all about where Kingpin and Long Live the King took you!!  Here’s to Dominic Collazo!


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LongLivetheKing_FBcover (Dated)


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