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Fall In Love With The Psychopath of Your Dreams! – Madman is LIVE!

Ladies & gentlemen, a new breed of villain has finally arrived!!  Madman (Love & Chaos #1) is LIVE!!!


This book is over a year in the making, and I couldn’t be more excited about the fact that it is now available for the world to purchase!  I just want to thank every fan out there that has ever bought one of my now ten published books!!  I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of people who decided to take a chance on me and my writing.  I thank you, my family thanks you!

If you haven’t read Madman yet, just know that you’re getting yourself into something new.  Solomon King is not like other book characters.  He’s not like typical book boyfriends.  He’s a psychopath, and he has no problem hurting people.  No one is exempt, except his woman, Reina Wilde.  These two are a couple like no other, and you’re gonna need to strap yourself down while you read their story.

I’ve published 10 books in my life, and I’m telling you right now, Madman is the best book I’ve ever written, hands down!  Go 1-click Madman (Love & Chaos #1) right now, and fall in love with the psychopath of your dreams!



* Download Madman (Love & Chaos #1) Now*

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Defending Her is on sale for only 99¢!!

My latest book, Defending Her, is on sale for only 99¢!!


Out of all the books I’ve released so far, this one is my favorite for sure (until my next book comes out, that is!!).  Here’s your chance to buy it now for only 99 pennies!!  This sale won’t last forever, however, so make sure you go pick it up before the sale ends on May 9th!!

Go pick up Defending Her for less than a dollar, right here, right now!!



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Blog Exclusive Teaser!!

So, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I will post a teaser from Becoming Carter!!  I’ve been getting a lot of requests for teasers, especially during takeovers and things like that, so I picked one from the 30,000+ words I have written so far.  Obviously, I didn’t want to give too much away, because the truth is, we’re way too early in this process to be dropping teasers.  But, as February comes to a close, I’m feeling generous. PLUS, I really want to share some of what I have written with my awesome fans!!  So, without further ado, here is the blog exclusive first teaser for Becoming Carter.  


“Don’t worry about a thing, baby.  I got you.”

I opened my eyes and found Kelvin standing in the hallway.  There were no lights on, and his naked body was surrounded by darkness as he stood there staring at me.  As I marveled at the perfectly proportioned muscles and tattoos that covered his body—not to mention his astonishing package—I was distracted when I noticed he was holding a gun.  The look on his face was one of passion, but also one of pain and worry. 

I didn’t know what was going on, so I smiled at him, trying to gauge the situation and see if he’d smile back.  He did, and it was still the best smile I’d ever seen, even in total darkness.  He waved at me, telling me to follow him as he turned around and walked into the living room, but he didn’t turn on any lights. 

“Kelvin, wait up,” I said, my voice echoing loudly through the penthouse. 

I felt my heart starting to beat faster with every step I took.  I didn’t want to lose him.  I didn’t want to be without him in this darkness, so I started running down the hallway and turned into the black living room. 

The only problem was that when I got there, there was no living room, and Kelvin was gone.  The only thing in the room was a man.  A man whose face I couldn’t see.  All I could make out were the tattoos on his hand.  The same hand that was pointing the gun at my face. 

My eyes bulged, and I tried to scream for Kelvin, but no sound came out of my mouth.  Instead, it was another sound I heard—the sound of a trigger being squeezed and the gun going off…

The loud bang of the gun knocked me out of my nightmare and I woke up sweating and out of breath. ©


So?  Are you totally fucking amped for this book to come out now, because amped is exactly how I feel as I’m writing this everyday.  I can admit that I changed my style up for this book, basically going back to my roots and the suspense that made me want to be an author in the first place.  And the results have been nothing short of amazing.  The emotion that Lily and Kelvin are feeling is nothing like what they felt in Claiming Carter.  Everything is on a whole new scale and has been turned up, like, a thousand notches.  So, I don’t know for sure when this book is coming out (I’m still planning and am on schedule for sometime in April), but I can assure you that you haven’t read anything like this before.  Get ready to be turned on, hot, mad, sad, depressed, anxious, nervous, scared, and stressed the hell out, right from the moment you open the book.  This book will change everything.


Also, my other half is also writing something that is going to knock your socks off.  My wife, Isabel Lucero, is creating a masterpiece!!  If you haven’t seen it already, book 2 in her Escort Series has been titled Unforgivable Sin, and it is ridiculous what she’s come up with to top her Amazon Bestselling book 1, Living in Sin.  We’re both working extremely hard to bring our fans something that they’ve never experienced before, and from the looks of it, that’s exactly what we’re about to do.  So, get ready for the ride, because we’re coming!!  

Oh, and for the hell of it… here’s another tiny teaser.  Get ready for April.



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Moving past Claiming, and on to Becoming

I have been doing A LOT of talking about Claiming Carter over the past week with everyone who is close to me.  In transitioning from Claiming Carter to Becoming Carter, I really needed to look at Claiming and see how I could improve on it.  I talked to my wife, and my mother, and a few close friends about things I had done when I was writing Claiming, and how they affected the outcome of the book.  I won’t go into details, but there are a few things that I regret about how I went about writing Claiming, and I’ve remedied those errors for book 2 in the Carter Series.  After all of the talking and prepping and planning, I’m over 22,000 words into Becoming Carter, and it is already a better book than its predecessor… yep, I said it.  As I’ve stated in the past, I love how Claiming Carter ended, and I love the characters, but Becoming Carter is something else… it is the best thing I’ve ever written… and it isn’t even halfway done yet.  

The people closest to me know that I am extremely competitive.  I use everything as motivation to get better, and right now there is A LOT of motivation out there for me to use.  My job in the Air Force is always motivation, because I want to be a full time author one day in the near future.  The sales and negative reviews for Claiming Carter are also motivation, obviously.  The fact that I’m a male author in a world where there are so few is also motivation.  Also, the fact that I’m totally different than the other male indie authors is motivation as well.  I pride myself on the fact that I can show you all my face, and give you details about my life, and bring you into the writing process as I bring the Carter Series to life.  I’m not jealous of any other male author’s success, however, I am completely motivated by it.  I pride myself on being original by combining suspense with erotica, which is something that is rarely done, especially the way I write it.  I’m not doing anything like anybody else.  I don’t need to knock another author, or another author’s book in order to make my book relevant.  Originality will result in longevity. Which is why I’m so excited about the Carter Series and every single book that I will write after it.  

“Just give it time.  We’ll see who’s still around a decade from now.”  -Drake- 

And lastly, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m officially working on the cover for Becoming Carter.  I’ve emailed my cover designer, and the process has officially begun.  It’s gonna be a pain in the ass, but if it all works out, this cover is going to be amazing and will fit the story line for Becoming Carter perfectly.  Fingers crossed.  




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Male Author Success, And An Announcement

What’s up, everybody?  I hope this past week was awesome for you.  I had a lot going on, as usual, so I have a couple of things I want to talk about.  

First things first.  I have an announcement that I am finally allowed to make.  Most of you already know that I’m married, but I had been trying to keep who I am married to a secret.  My wife didn’t want to tell people we were married because she didn’t want people comparing us to each other, since we write similar genres.  However, after a few months of me talking a lot of shit about it, and both of our fans begging to know who we were married to, she finally gave in.  So, I am proud to publicly announce that I am very happily married to my high school sweetheart, Amazon Bestselling author, Isabel Lucero.  You probably have heard of her new book, Living in Sin, which has been selling like crazy.  It’s an amazing thing to be able to share my passion for writing with the love of my life, and I’m so glad that we can take this journey together publicly as opposed to secretly.  Now, yes it is true, her new book has outsold my new book by a few thousand copies, however, I don’t hate on her for it.  I fully support my wife and I love that she sells the way she does.  Her stories are amazing and I hope that all of you go out and show her and her books some much deserved love, because my baby deserves it.  So, go get it.  ImageNow, on to my next topic, which may be a little controversial.  Now, I can’t say too much because I know that a lot of these male authors that I am referring to, have A LOT of female fans who would basically kill me for talking about their new favorite authors, which is why I won’t be mentioning anyone by name.

Soooo… I had another topic that I was gonna write for this blog post, but after a lot of thought and a lot of talking to my wife, I’ve decided not to post it.  I couldn’t figure out a way to write it without sounding overtly negative or jealous.  It had to do with male indie authors and the mystery that seems to surround them all.  Well, “them all”, excluding me, of course.  Now that me and my beautiful wife have told our fans that we’re married, I no longer have any “secrets.”  Everything about me is public, because I am proud of who I am and proud of my life, and I want you all to see me and know me.  I don’t need you to imagine me as some sexy book boyfriend guy by hiding all details about who I really am.  I am who I am, and I wouldn’t ever hide it.  My name is W.S. Greer.  I am 29 years old, and an active duty member of the United States Air Force.  I am married to Isabel Lucero, and we have 2 perfect children… oh and I write erotic suspense books.  If there is anything else you want to know about me, feel free to write me ANYTIME and ask me ANYTHING, either here on this blog, or on my Facebook page.  

I have also given a radio interview to Behind the Words with Lori Hays, that aired this past weekend.  We talked about just about everything, and it was an absolute blast!!  I was so happy to learn after the interview aired, that my interview had acquired more listeners than any other non-featured show, EVER!!  That is from the hosts mouth.  I didn’t make that up.  That just made my day!!  So, if you haven’t heard the interview, you can check it out RIGHT HERE.

It’s way too early to start posting stuff about book 2 in the Carter Series, but I just wanted to end this blog post by letting you all know that I am working on writing Becoming Carter every single day.  I’m already over 10,000 words into it, and I can assure you all, you DO NOT want to miss out on this book!!  It’s going down!!  If you thought Kelvin was a bad ass before, just wait until you read Becoming Carter.  


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Becoming Carter… It has begun!!/Thank you, critics!!

ImageIt is official, I have begun writing book 2 in the Carter Series, Becoming Carter!!!  I had been waiting for almost 2 months to be able to jump into book 2, but I had to put everything on hold so that I could study for my promotion.  I am proud to say that I am finally free to write, and I didn’t waste a second.  

I’d had the outline to the prologue for Becoming Carter on my phone for almost 2 months, and I couldn’t wait another day to start on it.  Surprisingly, I have already finished writing the entire prologue!!  Let me tell you, this books starts off with A LOT of intensity, and certainly gets your pulse pounding, and sets the stage for the rest of the book.  Which leads me right into the next topic for this blog post.

I just want to say a huge-mongous THANK YOU to every single person who has given Claiming Carter a negative review up to this point.  That sounds weird, right??  I know.  Let me explain, and make a confession.  At first, I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with the people who’d been so critical of Claiming Carter on Goodreads.  Now, I know that going to Goodreads is almost always a problem for authors, because people leave very mean reviews there.  However, I found a common theme in the negative reviews that made me go back and read Claiming Carter for myself.  Now, I won’t say what the common theme was, because I want people to read the book and judge it for themselves, without me leading them to a fore-drawn conclusion.  However, I can say that the weirdest thing happened when I read the book as a reader as opposed to as the author… I agreed with the critics.  And I am thankful because it made me realize that I’d changed my approach for writing Claiming Carter, and that I needed to apply the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method to my own writing.  So, again, THANK YOU, mean ass critics, because you have lit a fire under my ass for every book that I will write from here on out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of the way that Claiming Carter came out in the end, and I hope that all of you will still go out and buy it and dive into this story.  But, I can assure you of one thing, Becoming Carter will be unlike anything you have ever read, and I mean that in the best possible way.  Becoming Carter will be an erotic suspense, and it will be the most ridiculous roller coaster ride you have ever experienced!!  That is a promise!!  So, thanks for the motivation, critics!!  

Lastly, guess what??  I did a radio interview!!  It was my first one, and I absolutely loved it!!  I had to prerecord it, but I think it went really well and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.  I appeared on Behind the Words with Lori Hays, and she did a fantastic job leading the way in the interview.  I was nervous as all hell, but she made it so much easier for me.  Thanks, Lori!!  The interview will air on February 8th, at 10:30 a.m EST on the Blog Talk Radio website, and we will also be doing an event on Facebook when the interview goes live on the 8th!!  I will be sending invites to everyone that I know so that we can all check out my very first radio interview, and I will of course have the link of the interview on my Facebook page.  So stay tuned!!

Alright, that does it for this week.  I am so glad that I will now have the time to write!!  This book is going to be EPIC.  I frikkin promise you that!!  Thank you all so much for the support!!  I promise I will make it worth your while.  I’m on my grind!! 

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The Carter Series Has Begun!!

ImageLadies & gentlemen, with the release of Claiming Carter, the Carter Series has begun!!  The reviews for Claiming Carter have started rolling in, and they are certainly more positive than they are negative, and I truly appreciate everyone’s support.  A lot of people have been asking me when the next book is going to be released, and I don’t have an answer to that question, but I can say that I will start writing book 2, Becoming Carter, exactly one week from today!!  I’ve already outlined the prologue and have the first chapter ready to go as well, so I think Becoming Carter isn’t going to take long to be written.  I can’t wait until next week gets here so that I can start writing!

The blog tour for Claiming Carter is about to jump off on February 9th through the 13th!!  Now that the book is out, I’m pretty much continuing to be in full time promotion mode so that we can spread the word about Kelvin and Claiming Carter.  And with the blog tour being as short as it is, we need all the help we can get to spread it as much as we can in the short time frame.  So, if you are interested in helping us out, please CLICK HERE and fill out the form to join the awesome group of blogs that will be apart of the tour.  A Dirty Book Affair is hosting the tour, so please stop by and show them some love as well!!

Lastly, now that Claiming Carter is available for purchase and doing fairly well at the moment, the reviews are coming every day, and that means negative reviews.  Now, let’s not get this twisted, I understand completely that not everyone is going to love this book, or any other book that I write in the future.  I believe that I will have more people who love my books than I have people who hate them, but I do recognize that some people will hate themfor their own reasons.  It isn’t the fact that people will dislike my book that bothers me, it’s how unbelievably disrespectful people can be with their reviews.  There seems to be a whole lot of people going out of their way to bash authors on Goodreads, and the reviews that I have been told about and have read myself have been outright nasty.  There are a lot of internet tough guys & girls out there who love to say shit behind the protection of their laptop, knowing full well that they will never have to face the person they are attacking, and that is very frustrating for the attackee.  I can’t respond to idiots the way I want to, because I am an author and I have an image to uphold, but it is extremely tough to deal with.  I just want readers to know that authors–especially the newer indie authors–tend to read our own reviews.  We see the horrible shit that is being said online, and none of us like it, and none of the bashing does anything to make any of us better authors.  You’re not helping us get better by going overboard with your overtly harsh review.  So, I kindly ask that you please consider the feelings of the authors before you think up the meanest shit you can and type it up online.  I, personally, have vowed to never read a Goodreads review again.  We’ll see how long I last.

Welp, I guess that’s it for this week.  It’s been amazing watching how my life has changed over the past year.  Going from being a “nobody” to being a published author, to actually having fans.  It amazes me that all of you care about what I have to say, and I love that you love my books.  I can’t thank you all enough.  I’ll leave you with this awesome fact; when I blog again next Tuesday, I will have already started writing Becoming Carter!!  The Carter Series has begun!!

P.S. Stay tuned in to my Facebook page.  I have a little surprise coming towards the end of the week–especially for those of you who haven’t bought it yet!!



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