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Pushing Book 1 to Sell Book 2

Ladies & gentlemen, we are finally under a month away from the release of Long Live the King!!  I’m in full promo mode and I am sooooo excited for this book to hit your kindle!!  I went through so much to bring this story and these characters to the perfect conclusion, and in less than thirty days, you’ll finally get to see how it all ends.

However, there are new nerves that come with this release.  While I’m beyond excited about dropping this book, there’s something that has me worried.  LLTK is a book 2, and that is cause for concern.  Historically, book 2 never sells like book 1.  Naturally, some of the people who read book 1 don’t bother to read book 2 because they don’t like the first one.  Also, blogs who didn’t read book 1 aren’t jumping through the roof to promote book 2.  Lastly, people are skeptical about sequels, especially if the first one was good.  So, I know LLTK has a tough road ahead, but the people who read it will be blown away, and hopefully that gets them talking.  I wrote this book to knock people’s socks off, and I expect nothing less.

But, in order for me to hype the world up about book 2, I need to remind them about book 1 (or introduce them to), Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance).


If you haven’t met Dominic Collazo, now is the time to do it.  Kingpin is on sale for only 99¢, and will stay on sale until mid-September when LLTK and Kingpin both go to full price.  So, now’s the time to dive into this insane world of La Cosa Nostra and get to know Dominic, Alannah, and their second-chance romance.  These two meet as 11 year-olds and spend time together before being pulled apart by life, only to be brought back together in the middle of a street war.  Alannah has a lot to deal with and a lot to learn about the grown-up edition of Dominic Collazo, and it’s gonna take everything she’s got to stay afloat.

Before I wrote LLTK, Kingpin was my favorite of all my books.  Bringing Dominic to life in Kingpin was so fun and he quickly became my favorite character.  So if you haven’t read Kingpin, it’s about that time!  Go one-click Kingpin right this second, because it’s gonna cost you less than a dollar!  And if you already have read Kingpin, now’s the time to read it again and remind yourself of how insanely badass Dominic is, because he’s about to come back and take your world on a roller coaster ride.  He’s about to remind you all why book 1 was so big, and why you fell in love with him in the first place.  So Kingpin is here to serve as a reminder before Long Live the King explodes onto the scene.

Go one-click Kingpin now for only 99¢, and brace yourself, because the epic conclusion, Long Live the King, is coming September 5th.

Buckle up!

Until Next Week..

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LongLivetheKing_FBcover (Dated)


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