You Want An Author You Can Trust To ALWAYS Deliver. And You’ve Found Him.

20 Dec

You know, I think we’re all looking for something that’s dependable in this book world of ours.  It’s hard to find, honestly.  I’ve liked certain authors only for them to drop a book that I think is terrible and never be able to return to their former glory in my eyes.  As authors, we try so hard to please our readers.  We go out of our way to write what we think our readers will love instead of just writing what WE love.  Sounds simple, but when you’re an author, being 100% true to yourself can be a real challenge.  That’s why I’m glad I had 2017 to put things into perspective for me.

2017: The Year of Nothing & Everything

For the first time since I started writing in 2013, a year went by without me publishing a book.  As you know, I went through some personal hell and had to fight my way through it (I’m still not even all the way through it yet!).  But in that struggle, I got to sit back and watch the book world revolve, and I got to think about myself as an author.  I got to review everything I’d ever written, evaluate it, pick it all apart, laugh at myself, get pissed at myself, and promise to come back as a brand new author for readers.  By doing nothing, I learned everything.  By the time I started writing Madman (again), I felt like I was doing it for the first time.  I was 100% locked in as I brought Solomon King to life and let go of every inhibition I had before him.  Now that Madman is done, I can never go back to whatever the hell I was feeling and doing before Solomon King forced his way into my life.  Ever.  Thanks to him, I’m ready to do what I love, exactly how I want to do it.

I’m committed to writing in a way I was never even close to before Solomon.  I feel like me and writing were just dating before, but we got married over my break in 2017, and now it has made me a brand new man.  Writing is everything to me, and that includes more than just novels.  It means novels, novellas, short stories, poems, and whatever the hell else I want to write.  This blog will expand to become all the things I have in my head that I want to get out through writing.  Some things will be saved for publishing, others will be things exclusive to this blog.  Because…

This Is What I Do

Before my surgery, I was big into lifting weights.  I actually was an amateur bodybuilder from 2006 to late 2016 when my back flipped the script on me.  I was dedicated to that long before I ever thought to write Frozen Secrets.  When my back changed the game on me, it set me free.  My love for lifting weights and standing on a stage rocking nothing but a Speedo was suppressed because I knew my body couldn’t handle it anymore.  Having to give that up left an opening in me, and it wasn’t until my spinal surgery and the recovery thereafter that I figured out how to fill the void bodybuilding left.  I’ve filled it now with writing.  I’ve loved it since I was in the 5th grade, when I was writing poems for girls and songs for my friends.  I’ve been good at this since I was 11 years old, and for the first time in my life, I’m dedicated to it–to perfecting it!  This is what I do.  I write dope ass books, and from now on, they are gonna sell their asses off, because the stories I have in me are infinite and absolute FIRE!

I found some stuff online about an author named Octavia Butler.  She was a bestselling science fiction writer who had a notebook (or a few notebooks) that she wrote in all the time.  When I saw a screenshot of one of the pages from this notebook, I lost my mind!  The woman had literally written down exactly what she was going to become as an author, and why.  She brought her dreams to life through her love for the written word and hard work.  So, I’ll wrap this blog post up with the screenshot of her notebook that helped to flip a brand new switch within me.  I am a writer.  This is what I do.  You can count on me to do it and be dope as fuck at it.  And my success hasn’t even begun yet.  2018 is the beginning of my ascent.  See To It!!




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