Dear Readers, I’m Going to Give You Something Special

25 Jan

Dear Readers,

Today is Wednesday, January 25th, and it’s been a long week.  Not long in a way that’s abnormal or anything like that.  It’s been the usual: work, parenting, work, writing, work, and more work.  Shit like that.  But in this week’s blog, I just wanted you to know that I’m working my ass off over here on this tiny island of Guam.  It ain’t a cakewalk doing what I’m doing.  The stress of being active duty military and trying to become a full-time author is hard enough on its own, but I’m trying to be the best at something, and that’s a whole different challenge in itself.

I’m not complaining, though.  I just want you to know that I’m putting in work to bring you something out of this world.  My current WIP is the biggest challenge I’ve faced since I first started writing, and each and every chapter I’ve written for Madman so far has been a challenge.  This character is just so far from anything I’ve ever written before, and the state of mind I have to be in to write in his POV is so strange it’s almost scary to even me.  Seriously, just wait until you read the shit this guy says and does!  Honestly, Solomon King makes me nervous and I’m the fucking author!  But for real; how great of a sign is that?  Have you ever heard of a character so insane and off the wall and unpredictable that he scares his creator?  Well, Solomon is that character.  He’s special, I’m telling you.

So, I just wanted to take the time out to tell you that I know you’re hungry for something great.  Not just from me, but in general.  You’re always looking for your next dose of insane literature that blows your goddamn socks off.  Well I’m here to tell you, this is it.  What Isabel Lucero and I are doing is that next big thing.  So even if I have to feel like I need to be checked into a mental institution by the time I’m done writing the books in this series, it’ll all be worth it… as long as your socks are blown the fuck off! #TheMadmanCometh



Holy freaking shit!  How dope is this book so far?!  I mean, seriously, this book is crazy!  Have you read this?! So this is about two teenage girls who are pregnant.  Seems totally normal right?  Well it’s not!  Because both of the girls are virgins!  Yeah!  Ready for some extra craziness on top?  One of them is giving birth to the son of God, and the other to the son of Satan.  But which is which?
Oh Snap!!

This story has been a thrill right from the jump, and I love James Patterson!  He is by far my favorite author, and he does not disappoint with Cradle and All.
Hey, maybe one day I’ll be writing “The World’s #1 Bestselling Author” on all of my books.
Don’t judge me!  I’m allowed to dream.




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