I did it – I Wrote My Version of the Perfect Book

04 Aug

Okay, we’re all grown here, so let me just be real with you for a minute.  I’m tired as fuck.  The readers will never know it, but I put myself through hell for Long Live the King (An Italian Mafia Romance Duet #2).  I have never worked so hard to complete a book in my career as an author.


I have a book on the shelf called Worth Saving (you should one-click it), and I made a ton of revisions for that book.  I added 7 or 8 chapters to that novel and it made it so much better.  It was a ton of work to get it done, but I wasn’t on a time crunch or anything, so I got to take my time and make it happen. I thought that was a lot of revisions, but that was before LLTK came knocking.

For Long Live the King, I finished the book and pushed it to (Lucky Number) seven beta readers, and while 3 of them loved the first version I sent them, 4 of them… well, not so much, and those 4 all disliked the same things.  I was crushed, frustrated, and heartbroken all at the same time.  I put in work for this sequel, and it wasn’t well-received.  My first thought was “What the hell?!?!”  Then I realized that if 4 different people came to the same conclusions, they must be on to something.  So after a long talk with my wife and a lot of thinking, my frustration turned into pure determination.  HOWEVER, my deadline was only a few days away, and I had to get to work.  So, I spent 5 days total doing nothing but revising, the last 3 of which were back-to-back-to-back and I never got in the bed before 1:30 am (and yes I had work every morning after).  I’m fucking exhausted, BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!

Thanks to the honesty of my beta readers, I DID IT!!  I finally write my version of the perfect book.  Now, I’m not naive.  I know this book will get it’s share of reviews I’ll disagree with, just like all books do because that’s the way this thing works, but I believe this book is perfect.  TO ME, Long Live the King is perfect, and it never would’ve gotten to that point without my beta readers being real with me (sorry if I seemed on edge, betas. Criticism of your creation before it even comes out can be hard to take).

In the end, everything I ever wanted to happen in a book came to life.  My favorite character of all time, Dominic Collazo, is 100% on in this book.  There’s a lot of strong characters, but Dominic is the strongest and stands out in the crowd.  He demands respect, and I can’t wait until the world gets to reunite with him.

So, buckle up, world!!  Dominic Collazo is coming back with a bang in MY perfect book, Long Live the King.

Dominic would never let anything happen to Alannah, no matter how dangerous things become, or how guilty everyone around him looks. Even if everyone he ever trusted turns against him and he has to burn it all down to save her. He’ll let it burn, even if saving her means he’ll be consumed by the blaze.


Until Next Week…

LongLivetheKing_FBcover (Dated)


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3 responses to “I did it – I Wrote My Version of the Perfect Book

  1. Lindsay

    August 4, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Are you kidding me?!? I was excited for this book before but now…..NOW I’m STOKED!!!

  2. Angel Bare

    August 4, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    I purchased Worth Saving 6 29 16. Is this the updated version?

    • wsgreer

      August 5, 2016 at 1:15 am

      Lol. Yes it is. I revised it before it came out.


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