LLtK Cover Reveal Next Week!

06 Jul

It’s promo mode time!

Now that we have less than two months until Long Live the King is set to release, it’s time to get down to business!  So, I’m proud to announce that the cover reveal for LLtK is coming next week, July 13th!!

With that being said, as I’m sure the whole book world knows by now that doing stuff like this is impossible without help.  So, if you want to help out with the cover reveal for the followup to Kingpin, all you need to do is sign up here and wait for an email from me!!


I’m still finishing up with the writing for Long Live the King, but I’ll be done real soon, and an end-of-the-month deadline, so we’re in critical time now.  But real soon, I’ll be releasing the first teaser and hooking up my beta readers, so I’m starting to get the tingles under my skin as I start to wrap things up on my 8th novel. Kingpin was such a big seller, I have to make sure I take my time with finishing up LLtK, because I refuse to take steps backwards in quality.  I have to outdo myself with each book, and this is no exception.  This book is going to BLOW YOUR MINDS!  I promise, cross my heart and hope to die… and all kinds of other corny shit like that.

So, I hope you’re ready for a thrill ride like no other, coming September 5th (my 32nd birthday), and it all starts with the cover reveal next week, on July 13th!!  Let’s make it another good one!!   CLICK HERE to sign up to help with the reveal!

Mark my words, LLtK is the takeover!

Until Next Week…


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