Will The Real Please Stand Up

22 Jun

Me and my wife talk a lot about the book world, and one of our many conversations fueled this week’s blog post.  I’m not calling anybody out, but I’m curious about something.  So, I have a question for readers out there.

What makes you want to read a new author?  The author might not be new to publishing, but maybe they’re new to you.  So, what makes you want to read them?

Here’s why I ask this question: there seems to be a lot of gimmicks in the indie world.  Everybody wants to be the next big thing and they want to be it now.  Writing a book is complicated and it isn’t easy.  If it’s easy to you, you’re probably doing it wrong or missing a step or two somewhere in the process.  Every book I’ve ever written has been a challenge, but it’s the challenge that has made me a better writer for the next one.  It’s the challenge and my ability to get better that I rely on to mold my writing to better create the stories book fans want to read, and now that I’m writing the stories I’ve always wanted to write, I know my books will sell, and in the meantime, I’m gonna give you the real me.  I don’t think I’m doing anything special, either.  This is the process of becoming great.  This is what makes you last forever in the hearts of your fans.  Write, sell less than you hoped for, write more and become better, sell better, and always be true to yourself.  That’s it.  This is how the game goes if you want to be in it for the long run.  This is how I think all authors should do it.

Then why are there so many gimmicks out there?  Here’s how I define gimmick in the book world: a thing you use to help you sell better when you can’t rely on your writing.  The gimmick seems to be the go-to thing for new authors who want success as fast as possible.  Now, I can’t get into the specifics about the gimmicks without outing the authors, so I won’t go there, but I will say this: I really respect the authors who let their work speak for itself.  I respect the real authors who write for a while without ever giving up, honing their skills before finally having that bestseller.  A lot of authors have come and gone trying to rely on their gimmicks to sell books, but it’s the authors who write for years, like their lives depend on it, who last in this game.  Those writers become great writers because of those years.  It’s the struggle that makes you a real author, because the struggle makes you better.  It makes you hungrier and more worthy of the success you worked so long and hard for.

So, if you’re an aspiring author who wants success in this game, the first step is accepting that it’s not supposed to happen overnight.  Nothing worth keeping comes easily, and nothing that was meant to last happens overnight.  This is how the process should go: write, struggle, struggle so much that you contemplate quitting, keep writing, persevere, and above all else, BE YOURSELF.  A gimmick may put you in the spotlight for a while, but it won’t keep you there.  Eventually, your writing will have to be the thing that stands out.  So, will the real authors please stand up?

Until next week…


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  1. Lindsay

    June 27, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    Great post!


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