The Gate is Wide Open – Following Kingpin

09 Jun

When I was writing Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance Duet #1), I knew it was going to change everything.  I could feel it when I was typing the words, when the phrases flowed out like water after the dam breaks.  I knew it when I felt more motivated and excited to promote and advertise for Kingpin, and I felt it in my gut when people kept saying they were just as hyped up about the release as I was.  Then, on May 2nd, it happened.  The change I had been waiting for finally came.  Kingpin quickly became my bestselling book to date, an international bestseller, and I was suddenly a somebody on the cusp of becoming a bigger somebody in this game.  The reviews poured in and people started talking about me, wondering if I was a man or a woman and all kinds of other shit.  Just like that, everything changed.  WS Greer came to life.

Now, here we are, a month and a half after Kingpin’s release, and it feels like everything I did before May 2nd was just a dream.  I don’t think about any of this stuff the same way now.  It’s like I got a big, fat, boost of confidence in myself, and the freakin’ flood gates are wide open.  I’m currently in the middle of writing Long Live the King (An Italian Mafia Romance Duet #2), and I feel like a man possessed (yes, I am a man).  I feel more motivated than ever to do this my way, because I know that doing it my way is the only way that makes sense for me.  It might not work for anybody else, but it only has to work for me.  When I write for LLtK (Long Live the King), it’s like I go into a different zone.  I’m like a damn genius with words, metaphors, and similes.  I edit like nobody’s business, and my imagination is live and vivid like I’m watching it in my living room on my 65″ LED TV.  I hate that I wasted so much time trying to be something I’m not, but now that I’m doing this my way and for myself, it’s on like never before.  I’m a mission.  I’m gonna be the hottest male author in the indie game, and what’s more, I’m gonna do it without selling myself out and writing “what’s hot.”  I’m gonna do it by writing exactly what I want, and it’s gonna blow your minds, because when I’m doing it for me, I’m actually really good at this shit (forgive me for the brief moment of tooting my own horn)  Mark my words.  Kingpin was just the beginning.

So before I go, here’s my promise to you.  If you loved Kingpin, that’s awesome, and I thank you for taking a chance with me and eagerly awaiting what I have coming next to see if I can sustain this momentum—to see if I’m really as good as Kingpin made it look like I am.  Well, I promise you, I’m that good (horn tooting again, sorry), and Long Live the King is going to BLOW YOU AWAY.  You’ve never read a mafia romance like this.  And I can’t wait to read your reviews and messages when you finish it and have the most insane book hangover you’ve ever experienced.  The flood gates are wide open, and I’m gonna live up to the tagline in my new logo.  Just you wait and see.

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Kingpin_FBcover (DATED)


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6 responses to “The Gate is Wide Open – Following Kingpin

  1. Lindsay

    June 9, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Eeeekkkk! I can’t wait to read this one too. Thank you for being you!

    • wsgreer

      June 9, 2016 at 2:18 pm

      Thank you for your support, Lindsay! This is only the beginning!

  2. Diana Wilson

    June 13, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    Thanks for Kingpin. I can’t wait for LLK.

  3. Diana Wilson

    June 13, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Loved Kingpin. Can’t wait for LLK

  4. Angel Bare

    June 14, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    U go, guy!! U’ve got me getting more excited about my own book. I don’t hv a clue as to how any of it works, but, I remember telling u how impressed I was n keep it real to yourself, Kingpin was awesome, n u gave me a boost of my own. Can’t wait for LLTK!! Need an arc for it n I’m there!


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