Kingpin is LIVE, and here’s how it came to be!

04 May



It’s here!!  My beautiful baby, Kingpin is here and ready for you to fall in love with it!!  This book is my absolute favorite, hands down, out of all the books I’ve written to date.  It was a journey getting to Kingpin, and here’s how this novel came to be.

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When I started writing, it all began with Frozen Secrets.  This was my first book, and I knew I wanted to write suspense because all I read is suspense.  So, I came out with a bang and wrote a murder mystery with a detective named Jarrod Granger.  He was a misogynistic asshole in the beginning who grew and became much better by the end, and his story was my favorite (which is why he will be my longest running character over the course of my writing career… That’ll make sense later, trust me)  But, after Frozen Secretsthe book world shifted when a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey came out.  After Christian Gray, EVERYBODY became an erotic author in the indie world, and it was working for them, so I jumped on the bandwagon (no disrespect to the erotic authors out there!  Love you & stuff)  The next thing I knew, I’d written 4 books in a row that were “erotic” suspense or something like that.  My sales declined, and writing started to become less fun than what it was when I started with Frozen Secrets.

So, once Worth Saving released and got no love, I knew I needed to get my shit together and start having fun again.  And that’s how Kingpin was born!! Frozen Secrets was sort of romantic suspense, so I wanted to get back to that and have a blast, and Dominic Collazo was the first thing I thought of.  I needed him to be violent yet calm and collected.  That last thing I cared about was how sexy he was. I wanted him to care about no one except his love; if you deserve to be shot, he’ll shoot you and not think twice about it.  Need your legs broken?  Fuhgeddabout it!  Broken legs it is.  The only person who would matter to him would be his girl, who ended up being Alannah Sullivan.  But I knew I didn’t want to play the game where the guy hides his life from the girl, and when she finds out she loses her shit over it. I’d already walked that road.  So, I wanted Alannah to know that Dominic was a bad ass who’d kill anyone except her, and the only way to do that would be for her to have known him a very long time.  I needed her to be in the loop since the beginning, so that’s how I ended up deciding to start with PART ONE being when the two of them first met in just the fifth grade.  I knew that if I started with them being young, by the time they got to PART TWO as adults when the shit really started to hit the big fat fan, it would all make sense.

This book has everything I’ve been wanting to put in my books, and now that it’s finished and available (for only 99 cents this week, by the way), there isn’t a chance in hell that I would ever go back to writing stuff I don’t want to write.  Kingpin is me, 100%, and even if it doesn’t sell like crazy and become a bestseller, it’s my foundation for what’s to come and I can find peace in the fact that I wrote what I wanted to write.  And it’s been a long time since I felt that way.

I’ll end this by saying that there are so many reasons why you should read Kingpin, but I just wanted to give you my personal reasons now that it’s out.  This book is what I’ve been wanting to give you for nearly 3 years now.  This is 100% WS Greer, which is why reviews are already saying that this is my best book yet, and all the more reason you should go buy Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance).  And you can expect more suspense/romantic suspense from me, because I’m just beginning to show you who I am.  This is only the beginning for me.

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One response to “Kingpin is LIVE, and here’s how it came to be!

  1. Martina Arguijo

    May 4, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Congratulations! I already grabbed my copy and so excited to get started on it this weekend.


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