Homecoming, T-Minus 12, and The Walking Dead

20 Apr

I’m finally back at home!!  Yep, after 6 long weeks, I’m finally back home with my beautiful wife and kids and my annoying yet lovable dogs!!  42 days was a beast to have to put up with, but I endured… even walked away with a nice little award that only 6 out of 69 people received.

Not too shabby, huh??  Well, even with the accolades, I’m glad that shit is over and I’m so glad to be home again!  I missed all of this, and all it takes is 6 weeks away to make you realize how important the little things are.  I’m a lucky man.

T-minus 12 days and Kingpin will be live and in your hands!!  Whoo-fuckin;-hooo!!  That’s right, there’s only a week and a half left before Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance) goes live and sets the book world on fire.  Yes, I do have high hopes and expectations for this book, so let’s just hope a blogger or two gives it a chance and even decides to say something about it even though I’m not already super famous.  Fingers crossed on that one.  Anyhoo, I have plans to do some giveaways this coming weekend and of course the weekend before it releases, so please show me some love and take a shot at reading Kingpin early.  You will not regret it.  The countdown is on!!


Lastly, now that I’m home, my wife has me all caught up on watching The Walking Dead.  I had never given this show a chance, and now that I have, I realize I’ve been missing out (Hey bloggers, see what happens when you give something a chance??).  This show is awesome, and I feel all kinds of inspired by it.  Not by the zombies or anything like that, but by the high level of shock and suspense.  The show is fantastic and I hope to write books in the future that shock the shit out of people the way it does.  So, if you’re not up on The Walking Dead, get on it!!  I’m currently at the beginning of season 5 as I write this, and it has been worth every minute spent sitting on this couch like a total lazy ass.  It’s official, I love The Walking Dead!!


What I’m currently reading…

Yes, I’m still reading Fool Me Once, by Harlan Coben.  I know it’s been nearly two weeks!!  DON”T JUDGE ME!!  I’ve been traveling, and enjoying being home, and watching The Walking Dead, and getting geared up for Kingpin to go live.  I’m swamped over here!!  I’ll get back to it, I promise.

Until Next Week, my people…

Kingpin_FBcover (DATED)


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    April 21, 2016 at 4:01 am


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      April 21, 2016 at 4:02 am

      Thanks very much!!


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