Q&A With Bestselling Author WS Greer!!

23 Sep

So, I conducted a Q&A on all my social media sites, and here are the questions I was asked.  If you know anything about me, I’m always as open and honest as possible.  So, every answer is MY answer, and I don’t need anyone to condone or agree with what I say.  This is me being me.

Q: Is Worth Saving a standalone novel or part of a series of books?

A: Worth Saving is a standalone.  I never intended for this story to be a series, but you never know what might happen.  As a writer, things pop into your head all the time, and when they do and they sound good, you roll with it.  So, it’s not in the plans right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be later on.

Q: Do you see yourself continuing with your characters from Frozen Secrets?

A: Abso-fucking-lutely!!  Out of all the books I’ve written so far, Frozen Secrets is still my favorite.  Even though in hindsight, I think I made Jarrod a little too misogynistic and shallow, once he grew out of that and got his act together, I loved him.  I have a soft spot for Stacey because she’s based on my wife!  So, there are already plans in the future to write another Detective Granger novel, possibly in 2016, there’s just other plans I have to get to first.  But, I promise those characters are not done!

Q: What can we expect after Worth Saving?

A: BIG SHIT!!  I don’t want to go into detail about what’s next for me, but I can say a little.  #1. I already have a title for my next book.  #2. I’ve already starting writing my next book.  #3. I’m already searching for a cover for my next book.  #4. This next book is me writing for all the reasons I love literature.  It’s me doing 100% of what I want to do, and nothing less.  #5. Even my wife knows this is the best book I’ve ever come up with, and I’m only (at the time of this blog post) 5K words into it.  #6. This next book will define me as an author, and set the path for every book I write after it.  #7. This book will replace Frozen Secrets as my favorite I’ve written.  And lastly, #8. I don’t give a fuck about writing what I believe will sell anymore.  I’m done with that shit, and my next book will be the first of many examples of me writing what I love.

Q: Are you going to continue writing more contemporary romance?

A:  No. Worth Saving is my first and last contemporary romance.  Not because I didn’t enjoy writing the story, but because writing contemporary romance just isn’t what I do.  Up to this point, I’ve think I’ve written every genre I’d be willing to consider, and now that contemporary romance has been checked off the list of things I’d like to write, I know my heart is somewhere else.  My heart belongs to suspense, plain and simple.  I’ve been saying that for too long without going through with what I believe in, and anybody who knows me well knows I always stand up for what I believe in, no matter how unpopular it may be.  This is no different.  I love suspense, it’s what I’m best at writing, and it’s what I’m gonna do.  So, although I loved writing Worth Saving, I won’t be writing contemporary romance again.

Q: What made you come up with Austin and Layla’s story?

A:  Well, the truth is that I was actually writing another story when I decided to try to write a contemporary romance.  I was writing a book called Unsound (which still is not my next book), I was about 14K words into it, and then Austin and Layla from Worth Saving just took over.  I was excited about the idea of writing a popular genre that I thought would sell better than the psychological thriller/suspense I was writing at the time.  So, I put Unsound down and picked up Worth Saving.  When the idea of writing a romance popped into my head, Austin and Layla’s story came right along with it.  It was a package deal, I guess.

Q: Will we ever get anymore Kelvin Carter Jr.?

A: I get this question a lot.  Claiming Carter has sold more copies than any of my other books, by far.  People loved Kelvin, and they seem to love the Carter Trilogy, which is awesome.  However, the Carters are done for sure.  Although Claiming Carter sold quite a bit, I wrote that story for all the wrong reasons.  As I’ve said in past Q&A’a and interviews, Kelvin was supposed to be my version of Christian Grey, and I wrote erotica because it was the hot genre at the time.  Well, fuck all that.  I’ll never do that again.  I had to force myself to finish writing the Carter trilogy, and I won’t put myself through that ever again.  I love Kelvin and how he developed in the end, but what’s coming next will be blow all of that away.  I’m in the zone with this new shit.

Q: Are you going to write the typical bad boy heroes, or more realistic antiheroes in the future?

A:  Uh-oh, controversy is looming.  Here’s my answer… fuck this typical bad boy stuff that’s going on right now.  I refuse to be like everybody else just because it’s convenient.  My heroes are going to be real.  They’re gonna have real issues with backgrounds and stories and feelings that people can relate to.  NEWS FLASH!!  If you look around the world, most men are not bad boys.  Nor are they alpha males.  Those characteristics are rare.  My heroes may end up being bad boys by accident, but I’m not writing it that way on purpose.  Here’s an example: you ever heard of Javier?  He’s a character written by one of my favorite authors, Karina Halle.  That’s the kind of antihero I like.  Javier is a bad ass, but not because he’s trying to be.  That’s just who he is.  So, wait until you see who I have coming up next year.  He’s a bad ass, but not because he’s trying to be.  That’s just who he is, and you’ll get to see how he becomes the bad ass that he is.  My characters and I are different… on purpose.

Q: Would you ever co-write a book with your wife?

A:  Absolutely.  We haven’t come up with a story yet, but I can totally see us doing it in the future.  We’ve got individual goals we’d like to accomplish first, but once we get to where we want to go as individuals, we’ll make it happen.

Q: Do you prefer writing series’ or standalones?

A:  I’m not sure I mind either one, if the story is right.  Up to this point, I’ve written one trilogy and three standalones.  The trilogy I wrote was difficult to complete, but I have reasons for why that is.  My next book just might be a series… I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A:  Somewhere in America (I really hate living in Guam), and a consistent New York Times Bestseller of romantic suspense.  “I’m tired of seeing who you’re checking for now.  Just give it time, we’ll see who’s still around a decade from now.  That’s real.”  -DRAKE-

Q: What do you wish there was more of in the indie world?

A:  Tough question, but the answer might get me in trouble.  I wish there was more sincerity in the indie world.  All the male authors acting like they’re living the lives of their characters drives me crazy.  Everybody writing the same damn book over and over again drives me crazy.  Every book being an alpha millionaire/billionaire so & so drives me crazy.  Where the hell did the creativity go?  Where’s the diversity?  Why do I keep seeing the same book with different titles?  Why do covers with half-naked men on them get all the attention?  When did depth, and substance, and creativity become bad things?  The horny-ness (is that a word?) of the readers is making it to where good books are being overlooked.  If you’re indie, and you’re not writing erotica then you’re automatically being ignored, and I really hate that.  Not everybody is talented enough to be an author, but it seems like anybody can be an author now, so long as you have a shirtless guy on the cover, and a sex scene for a teaser.

Worth Saving hits shelves October 17th!!





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