Worth Saving Is Finished!!

02 Sep

11057280_1652148701695939_8746065792792245937_n  So, this happened!!  Yep, I FINALLY finished writing Worth Saving!!  This has been a  long journey.  It’s been tough, and a pain in the ass, but I did it.  The fact that I had to do more  revisions than I ever did on all my other books combined, really makes it that much sweeter that I  finished it.  It was a bitch, but here’s why…

 I don’t read romance.  Never have.  If you’ve been following me in the book world, you already  know I love suspense.  If I could, suspense is all I’d write, and it’s all I’d read… well, it IS all I  read. But as far as writing is concerned, I’m not in the position to write a bunch of suspense  books.  The indie world just isn’t there at the moment.  I’ve already had a big fat rant on this blog  stating my hatred for erotica, and that hatred is still as strong as it was before, so I’m obviously  not reading or writing that.  So, I decided I wanted to write contemporary romance for the first  time ever, even  though I’ve never read a romance novel.  The result was me getting my ass  kicked for, like, three months during the writing process.

I started writing and didn’t let anyone read what I was doing, which is a first for me.  I waited until I got 19 chapters in before I sent it to someone I trust, who promptly told me the story was missing something.  I tried to do what she told me to do, but even after those revisions, I still wasn’t feeling very confident.  So, I read a romance, my very first romance ever. The book I read was absolutely phenomenal, and it taught me so much.  The next thing I knew, I was revising everyday like crazy person, and I ended up adding 8 new chapters to my story.  Eight!!  It changed my whole book and brought out the potential I knew this book had when I first thought it up.  I put this in my acknowledgements sections earlier today already, but I have to shout out my friend Tonya, and my wife Isabel for helping me turn this book into everything I thought it could be.  Oh, and the book I read was Resurrecting Phoenix, by Isabel Lucero.  Yep, it’s awesome, so make sure you purchase your copy when Resurrecting Phoenix hits shelves September 24th.

So, now that I’m finally done writing, it’s time to flip the script.  I’m officially done with story mode and moving into promo mode.  Worth Saving comes out on October 17th, so I have a month and a half to convince you and every other reader out there that this book is worth all the time and revisions I put into it.  This book has everything.  Drama, action, love, laughter, sadness, heartache, and I even managed to squeeze in a little suspense, to create the best book I’ve ever written.  I would normally say keep your eyes open, but I don’t really need to because I’m going to be in your face with teasers and new promo for this book.  There’s gonna be giveaways and interviews and takeovers, and anything else my mind can come up with between now and October 17th.  So, ready or not, here Worth Saving comes.  Get used to seeing teasers, the cover, and my ugly mug.

WorthSaving_FBcover (dated)

You can preorder Worth Saving right now on iTunes and Barnes & Noble


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