Becoming Carter – Chapter 1

10 May

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The windows were tinted so dark that I knew no one would be able to see inside.  I could see out, though.

I tried to move my hands, but the material that was wrapped around my wrists was tied just tight enough that I couldn’t move them more than a few inches apart—tight enough to keep me from moving my hands too much, but not tight enough that it would hurt me.

I sat on my knees with my wrists tied together in front of me, as I stared out the back window.  I couldn’t see what was going on behind me, so my heart was pounding in my chest.  All of a sudden, I was unable to control my breathing as a blind fold was placed over my eyes and tied in a knot behind my head, stealing my vision completely.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, my voice shaking as I spoke to the man I couldn’t see.

“Ssshhh,” was his only response.

I could hear him moving, but I couldn’t tell what he was doing.  I could also hear him breathing heavily, like the anticipation was becoming too much for him to bear.  When he moved, I could smell the masculine fragrance rising off of his body and attaching itself to everything around us.

“Don’t move.  Do you understand?” he said.

My heart continued to beat aggressively as I answered.  “Yes, I understand.”

Then, I felt the leggings that I was wearing being yanked down, and the sudden rush of cold air hit my bare bottom, causing me to tense up.  I let out a light yelp as the suddenness of it all caught me by surprise.

“You want it?” I heard him say from behind me, just as he grabbed my ass and squeezed it with his strong, dominant hands.

“Yes,” I replied breathily.  “Yes, I want it.”

“Tell me what you want, baby.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

I suddenly felt a blissful pain shoot through my ass and continue all the way up my body as he spanked me.

“Say it again.  Tell me you want it.”

“I want it, baby.  I want you to fuck me.  Fuck me, Kelvin.”

It was then that I felt Kelvin push himself deep inside of me.  I inhaled loudly as every inch of him stretched me perfectly and he took a firm grip of my waist.  I couldn’t see anything, but I could feel all of his thickness as he fucked me slowly at first, with long, drawn out strokes.  I moaned lightly, and I could feel my breath being bounced back into my face as I exhaled into the back window of the exquisite limousine.

“Does it feel good, baby?” Kelvin asked as he began picking up speed with shorter, harder thrusts.

“Shit.  It’s so good,” I answered.  The sound of our skin smacking together was almost loud enough to drown out the sound of my voice.

Kelvin spanked my ass once again, then I felt him lower himself until his stomach was flat against my back.  I gasped as I felt the intense sensation of his hand reaching underneath me as he began rubbing my clit with flawless speed, and perfect precision, all the while still pounding me with his cock.

“Oh my fucking god!” I yelled as he began playing with my clit faster and faster.  I could feel the pressure building up deep inside of me.

“You know what I want,” Kelvin whispered in my ear.  “I want to feel it, Lilliana.  Fucking come for me.”

He was like a machine.  The perfect combination of his dick inside of me and his fingers on my clit was pleasantly unbearable, and my body tightened itself beyond my control as a vigorous orgasm washed over me.

My body had a mind of its own, and tried to go limp from the stress of the massive orgasm, but Kelvin tightened his grip on me and held me up.  He continued to stroke in and out of me while massaging my clit like he wasn’t satisfied with making me come once.

“I want to feel it again.  Take it, baby,” he said as he fucked me.  Then, he stopped rubbing my clit so that he could sit up.  His hands rubbed the entire length of my back, then I felt him wrap my hair around his hand and pull it back towards him.  Kelvin knew how to hurt me so good.

“Oh my god, yes!  Take this pussy, baby!” I screamed, no longer caring if our driver could hear me through the thick partition as he drove us down the highway.

Kelvin took my enthusiasm as a cue and began fucking me as hard as he could.  He wasn’t holding anything back, and I could hear him panting as he worked himself into a sweat, pounding me harder and harder.  My screams grew louder, and Kelvin fucked me even harder.  I tried to grip the back of the seat, but my wrists were still tied together, and Kelvin was fucking me so hard that my body wouldn’t stop shaking with every thrust he made.

It was the perfect combination of pain and pleasure, and I felt the familiar sensation inside of me as Kelvin’s cock suddenly stiffened.  I knew he was about to come, but all I could do was scream as I was taken over by my own crushing orgasm.  I could hear Kelvin moaning from behind me as his body jerked and convulsed as he came inside of me.

He finally let me go, and my legs gave way, forcing me to fall to the side and lay down with my face on the leather seat, still panting.  I slowly reached up and pulled the makeshift blindfold off my face and saw Kelvin sitting on the floor, leaning back against the long red leather seat in front of me.  He was still completely naked and obviously worn out.  I smiled as he pulled the condom off of himself and tossed into the tiny compartment that contained the trash can.  He looked up at me and smiled in return.

“Holy fucking shit,” he said with a grin.  “Now that’s how you start the night off right.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as he reached up and wiped sweat from his forehead.  He’d put in some major work in that short time.

“Fuck.  I can barely move,” I said between heavy breaths.  “My legs are so weak, but we have to get dressed.  We’re going to be there any minute now.  You don’t think he heard us, do you?”

Kelvin smiled and looked over at the black partition that separated the driver from the passenger section of the limo.  “Who gives a fuck?  That was amazing.  If he did hear us, he wouldn’t say anything anyway.  He’s too new.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Kelvin and I managed to pull ourselves together and started getting dressed again.  Well, I was still pretty much dressed, but my hair and makeup were now a mess.  Kelvin, on the other hand, had stripped himself down to nothing but socks and diamond stud earrings.  I figured he’d do that, because there was no way he was about to sweat out a perfectly good suit.

We sat next to each other fixing ourselves up, making ourselves presentable for the dinner we were about to have with our good friends Lexy and Mike Farrington.  It was Mike’s thirty-seventh birthday, and he’d decided that he wanted to spend it with us at his favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.  Kelvin and I were happy to accept their invitation to dinner, plus it was our six month anniversary since the day that we’d first seen each other in Applebee’s, so we had a tiny celebration of our own.

Things had been going extremely well for Kelvin and I since I found out that his family was the mob.  Surprisingly, there hadn’t been any weird, unexpected drama in the form of old Russian men approaching us, and Kelvin’s family was starting to think that things were finally settling down.  They still had their hang ups about keeping us safe, but everyone in his family was finally coming around to the idea of us being together.   I still hadn’t met his father, but the rest of The Family was extremely nice to me.

We’d gotten into somewhat of a new routine since the day I met Ivan Baskov in the Applebee’s parking lot three months ago.  Kelvin’s uncle, Michael Carter, insisted that Kelvin go back into “safe mode” when he found out that we’d had a run-in with Ivan.  They took Kelvin’s motorcycle and Camaro and stashed them both somewhere safe, so that no one would recognize him just by seeing a particular vehicle.  Now, Kelvin and I were being driven just about everywhere.  Usually, it was Kelvin Senior’s bodyguard, James, who did all of our driving, but for the past couple of days we’d been being driven by Tony Vail, a newbie trying to earn the good graces of The Family.  Uncle Mikey thought it was best if we swapped drivers and switched routines every now and then.  Tony was nice enough, but it was obvious he was still intimidated by everyone in The Family, including me and Kelvin.

Kelvin was doing the best he could to make the Red Chip casino a legitimate business.  After confessing that there was illegal gambling going on in his casino, he’d promised me that he’d clean it up and eliminate all illegal activity from the place.  He’d also told me that there had been numerous heated arguments between him and his father about that particular issue, and it was proving to be harder than he thought it’d be.  Nonetheless, I knew he was working the issue, and I was proud to stand by his side in full support of his attempt to go against his father’s wishes.  The mission hadn’t been accomplished yet, but I was still proud of him for trying to turn it around, and I knew it wouldn’t be something that would happen overnight.

Ten minutes after we’d finished our road sex, I looked out the window and recognized the Red Lobster sign.  Luckily, I’d just finished reapplying my makeup, and Kelvin was just finishing tying his black patent leather shoes.    I side swept my bangs while Tony seemed to struggle finding a parking spot.  It was a chilly Saturday night, and apparently everybody in Chicago felt like having Red Lobster.

The limo came to a final stop in the very back of the packed parking lot, and Kelvin and I stepped out into the crisp, night air.  Kelvin didn’t waste a second putting on the jacket to his black suit with thin red pinstripes, and I put on my fur coat just as my arms were beginning to develop goose bumps.  We closed the door behind us just as Tony closed his and came strolling over to us.  Kelvin put his hand up to tell him to stop.

“This is how this works, okay.  You wait five minutes, then you come in after us and take a seat anywhere in the restaurant where you can still see us.  I’ll let you know before we’re ready to go so that you can leave before us and get the car warmed up.  Got it?” Kelvin said to the young man, making him even more nervous.

“Got it, sir,” Tony replied.  He zipped his red coat up all the way to his neck and crossed his arms in an attempt to keep himself warm, as Kelvin and I started towards the restaurant, hand in hand.

Once we made it inside, a blonde with huge boobs escorted us through a maze of tables to where Lexy and Mike were already sitting, waiting for us.  The second I made eye contact with Lexy, her smile lit up the entire restaurant.

“Well, look at you two” Lexy chirped as she rose from her seat to give me a hug, the top of her white floral dress struggling to contain her huge breasts.  Mike stood up and shook hands with Kelvin.  “You two lovebirds looking all spiffy and shit.  How are you guys doing?”

“Good, good,” I replied as Kelvin reached for my chair to pull it out for me.  I sat down and Kelvin helped me scoot in a little, then he unbuttoned his jacket and took his own seat.  “Happy birthday, Mike” I said with a cheesy smile.

“Thank you, thank you.  And let that be the last time we mention that it’s my birthday for the rest of the night.  I don’t need any more reminders that I’m getting old.”  Mike was still a handsome man at thirty-seven years old.  He must’ve had really good genes because he still didn’t have a gray hair on his head, and he kept himself in decent shape so that he wouldn’t feel too insecure when other men hit on his wife, which I was sure happened more than he knew.

I was ecstatic the first time I introduced Mike to Kelvin, because they seemed to hit it off right from the jump.  I was worried that the age difference between them would be something that would divide them, but Kelvin was extremely mature for only being twenty-two, and the two of them got along quite well and had even developed a little bromance over the past few months.  Lexy and I thought it was adorable.

“I know how you feel, bro,” Kelvin said, smirking.  “I’m gonna to be sad as shit when I turn twenty-three in a couple of months.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Mike replied just as everyone at the table burst into laughter.

“Aww, it’s okay, Sweetie,” Lexy interrupted.  “It doesn’t matter that you’re an old man.  At least you can still get it up.”

Everyone at the table laughed once again, except for Mike.  He was trying to act like he was offended, but struggled to hide it behind his oncoming smile.

“You’re one to talk, dear,” he countered.  “A couple more years and you’re gonna to be all dried up down there.”  Now it was Lexy’s turn to act offended while everyone else laughed.

I couldn’t get over how awesome the Farrington’s were.  Twelve years of marriage had done absolutely no harm to their relationship, and they still laughed and joked with each other like they were best friends.  They were the perfect example for Kelvin and me.  They had their problems every now and then, but their problems were never enough to break them.  Their marriage was based on their undying friendship, and as long as they had that, everything else seemed to come easily for them.

Everyone ordered their food and Kelvin was sure to order a bottle of Chardonnay to accompany our meal, which was brought to our table just as Tony was being seated at a table just a few feet away from us.  When the food came, it was brought to us by the same big titted blonde who’d escorted us to our seats.  When I saw her again, I wondered why the hell she’d made a point to come back to the table, because she obviously wasn’t one of the servers.

As soon as she put Kelvin’s plate in front of him, I immediately noticed her staring at him while she bent over in front of him, shoving her cleavage in his face.  She was so close to him that Kelvin actually had to lean back, otherwise the tip of her tit might’ve touched his lip.  I glanced over at Lexy, and she shot me a look that let me know that she saw the same thing I did.  Just as I was about to look at Kelvin to see what his reaction was going to be, Big Tits spoke up.

“Can I get you anything else, Hun?” she asked with a flirtatious grin, looking only at Kelvin.

I was fuming, and ready to snatch this bitch up by her hair, but then Kelvin spoke.

“No, thanks,” he said.  “I’m good.  This beautiful woman right here gives me everything I could ever want.”  Then, he leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips.

The look on her face was priceless.  She stared at us for a second.  Just enough time for Lexy to get annoyed.

“He said he’s good, Blondie.  Staring at him won’t make him want you.  Go be pathetic somewhere else so we can eat in peace.  Your pathetic-ness is making my food taste funny.”

The blonde shot Lexy a dirty look, then rolled her eyes and stormed off, but not before hearing us burst into laughter.

“You are so crazy, Lex,” Kelvin said as he poured his wine.

“What?  She had it coming.  She was being way too obvious with those tits all in your face.  I was glad to see you handle it the way a real man should, though.  I applaud you, sir.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Kelvin replied.

“Girls are always trying to hit on Kelvin,” I chimed in.  “One girl actually tried to put her phone number into his pocket without me noticing.  I mean, what the hell?  Seriously?”

“Oh, don’t act like it doesn’t happen to you, too,” Kelvin countered with a chuckle.  “What about the time the guy with the afro tried to use the heaven pickup line on you?  ‘Are you tired?  Because you’ve been running around in my mind all day.’”

Lexy and Mike laughed as they chewed.

“See, you guys are made for each other,” Lexy said.  “You’re both pretty as hell, so it works.  Looks like the only one of us who doesn’t get hit on is Mike.”

“Hey!” Mike snapped, still smiling.  “I get hit on, you know, like, once or twice every couple of years.  That still counts.”

“Aww, of course it does, Sweetheart,” Lexy responded playfully.

We continued Mike’s birthday celebration dinner for another hour or so, constantly laughing at seemingly everything that Lexy had to say.  After two bottles of Chardonnay between the four of us, everybody was feeling pretty nice, and ready to go home and enjoy a nice Saturday night with our significant other.  Lexy and Mike couldn’t stay any longer because they were paying their babysitter ten dollars an hour, so they were the first ones to admit that it was time to bring the night to a close.

When the check came, Kelvin snatched it up just as Mike was reaching for it.

“It’s your birthday, man.  I got this,” Kelvin said before Mike could get a word in.  “You guys go ahead and get out of here.  I’ll pay for this, then we’ll be on our way.”

I could tell that Mike wasn’t too happy about it.  Men and their pride.  However, after a nudge and a smile from Lexy, he decided not to argue.

“Thanks so much, Kelvin, and thank you both for a fun night,” Lexy said as she rose from her seat and grabbed her jacket from behind her chair.  “Have a good night, and I’ll see you on Monday, Lil.”

“Okay, Sweetie.  See you Monday,” I replied as I got up and gave her a hug.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kelvin nod to Tony, signaling for him to go ahead and pay so that he could warm the car up before we got outside.  Tony’s server, however, was being slower than any of us would’ve liked and hadn’t been back to check on him for a while, so he had to wait.

As the Farrington’s walked out and climbed into their cab, Tony was finally able to pay for his small meal and got up to leave, but because of the server’s procrastination, Kelvin and I were getting up right behind him.  We walked out of the restaurant holding hands, and I smiled at the blonde with the big tits as we passed her on our way out.  She didn’t look amused.

When we got outside, Tony felt the need to jog over to the car so that he could start it up as quick as possible.  The limo was parked pretty far away since the place was so packed, so Kelvin and I decided to slow our pace so that all of his running wouldn’t be in vain.

“This guy has got to learn to relax,” Kelvin joked, as the fog from the cold air formed a cloud around his mouth.

“It’s you, babe.  You make him nervous.”

“It’s not my fault if he’s nervous.  It’s probably you who’s scaring him.”

“Why would he be scared of little ole’ me?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe he’s just a weird guy who’s scared of girls.”

“I doubt that.  It’s definitely you.  If it’s not you, it’s gotta be your Uncle Mikey.  He’s huge, plus he has that beard that makes him look so intimidating.”

Kelvin and I stepped off the sidewalk just as Tony was getting to the limo.  We heard him close the door, and after a brief pause we could hear him trying to start the engine, but for some reason it wasn’t turning over.

“Yeah, I can see how Uncle Mikey would scare the hell out of somebody,” Kelvin said.  When he heard the sound of the limo, he scrunched his forehead.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.  I know this damn limousine didn’t fucking break down right here in the parking lot.  Uncle Mikey is never gonna hear the end of this.  It was his idea to use one of the limos from the Red Chip.”

Tony tried to crank the engine up again, but it still wasn’t working.

“Sounds weird, doesn’t it?” Kelvin asked under his breath.  Then he stopped walking, forcing me to stop with him.

“You okay?” I asked.  He looked so confused.

Kelvin opened his mouth to respond, but before he could say a word, the limousine exploded into a giant fireball, sending glass and debris rocketing towards us.

“Holy shit!  What the fuck!” Kelvin screamed.

“Oh my god!  Tony!” I yelled as Kelvin began pulling me back towards the restaurant.

“It’s too late, Lilliana.  We can’t save him,” Kelvin bellowed.  “He’s gone.  Fuck!  He’s gone.” ©




Read the rest of Becoming Carter when it hits shelves next Saturday, May 17th!!



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