The Carter Series Has Begun!!

28 Jan

ImageLadies & gentlemen, with the release of Claiming Carter, the Carter Series has begun!!  The reviews for Claiming Carter have started rolling in, and they are certainly more positive than they are negative, and I truly appreciate everyone’s support.  A lot of people have been asking me when the next book is going to be released, and I don’t have an answer to that question, but I can say that I will start writing book 2, Becoming Carter, exactly one week from today!!  I’ve already outlined the prologue and have the first chapter ready to go as well, so I think Becoming Carter isn’t going to take long to be written.  I can’t wait until next week gets here so that I can start writing!

The blog tour for Claiming Carter is about to jump off on February 9th through the 13th!!  Now that the book is out, I’m pretty much continuing to be in full time promotion mode so that we can spread the word about Kelvin and Claiming Carter.  And with the blog tour being as short as it is, we need all the help we can get to spread it as much as we can in the short time frame.  So, if you are interested in helping us out, please CLICK HERE and fill out the form to join the awesome group of blogs that will be apart of the tour.  A Dirty Book Affair is hosting the tour, so please stop by and show them some love as well!!

Lastly, now that Claiming Carter is available for purchase and doing fairly well at the moment, the reviews are coming every day, and that means negative reviews.  Now, let’s not get this twisted, I understand completely that not everyone is going to love this book, or any other book that I write in the future.  I believe that I will have more people who love my books than I have people who hate them, but I do recognize that some people will hate themfor their own reasons.  It isn’t the fact that people will dislike my book that bothers me, it’s how unbelievably disrespectful people can be with their reviews.  There seems to be a whole lot of people going out of their way to bash authors on Goodreads, and the reviews that I have been told about and have read myself have been outright nasty.  There are a lot of internet tough guys & girls out there who love to say shit behind the protection of their laptop, knowing full well that they will never have to face the person they are attacking, and that is very frustrating for the attackee.  I can’t respond to idiots the way I want to, because I am an author and I have an image to uphold, but it is extremely tough to deal with.  I just want readers to know that authors–especially the newer indie authors–tend to read our own reviews.  We see the horrible shit that is being said online, and none of us like it, and none of the bashing does anything to make any of us better authors.  You’re not helping us get better by going overboard with your overtly harsh review.  So, I kindly ask that you please consider the feelings of the authors before you think up the meanest shit you can and type it up online.  I, personally, have vowed to never read a Goodreads review again.  We’ll see how long I last.

Welp, I guess that’s it for this week.  It’s been amazing watching how my life has changed over the past year.  Going from being a “nobody” to being a published author, to actually having fans.  It amazes me that all of you care about what I have to say, and I love that you love my books.  I can’t thank you all enough.  I’ll leave you with this awesome fact; when I blog again next Tuesday, I will have already started writing Becoming Carter!!  The Carter Series has begun!!

P.S. Stay tuned in to my Facebook page.  I have a little surprise coming towards the end of the week–especially for those of you who haven’t bought it yet!!



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