The Last Teaser Tuesday!!

21 Jan

Claiming Carter is only 3 days away.  How about that?!?!  I am crazy excited about this whole thing, and I can’t believe that release week is finally here.  I started the journey of Claiming Carter back in August and got a pretty decent amount of writing done in that month, but then I took an unintentional break for two months.  Oops!  So, I picked it back up in November and then things came pouring out, and I wrote the last 70% of the book in less than 30 days.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about how well everything turned out, and ARC reviews have been amazing so far.  

I know that I can’t please everybody, and I know that there will surely be some bad reviews this weekend, but I am confident that the positive reviews will outweigh the negative ones, and I am already having trouble keeping the  ideas for book 2 in the series at bay.   I am overflowing with excitement!!  Let’s push this baby into the top 100 on Amazon!!  Without further ado, I give you another Teaser Tuesday!!  I hope you love it!!

Teaser Tuesday

   Kelvin took a stroll around the classroom, stopping to look at the little stations that I had set up around the room.  When he finished his tour, he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  I breathed in heavily and took in the scent of his cologne.  I could feel his chiseled chest and abs through his clothes as he squeezed me tightly, breathing onto my neck and into my ear. 

   “So, this is the school where you caught your last boyfriend cheating on you?” he said in an enticing tone.  The moment the words came out of his mouth and flowed into my ears, I knew exactly what he was thinking about doing.

   “Yes, it is,” I replied, struggling to hold in my oncoming excitement. 

   “Well, unfortunately, he’s not here to see what it is that I want to do to you right now.”

   I smiled a broad smile from ear to ear.  “Oh yeah?  And what exactly is that?”

   “What I want to do, is not wait until we get back to my place,” Kelvin said as he slid his hands down my back and grabbed both sides of my hips firmly. 

   “Oh my god, Kelvin.  Don’t tease me.”

   “There is something you should know about me, Lilliana,” Kelvin said as he wrapped his index fingers through the belt loops on my hips.  “I don’t tease.” ©


There it is!!  Claiming Carter is finally about to be released on January 23rd, and I will start writing book 2, Becoming Carter, on February 4th!!  The journey of Lily Hayes and Kelvin Carter Jr. is just beginning!!  Get ready!!  It’s going to be an amazing ride!!

Don’t forget to put Claiming Carter on your TBR, and come and see me on FacebookImage!!

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