New Erotic Suspense Novel In The Works – Claiming Carter

24 Aug

It is official!!  I am officially writing a new book, and I am jumping over to the erotic genre.  I know this is a big move, being a black, male author, but this story came to me out of the blue one day and I just couldn’t say no to this.  I know that nowadays everyone is into beginning a relationship with a hot book boyfriend, and it is now my goal to create the ultimate book boyfriend, and I think I have him.  His name is Kelvin Carter Jr.  I won’t go into full details of the story (obviously) but I am pleased to announce that I have just written the official synopsis of the book.  I am already 20,000 words into this baby and I can’t wait to start releasing teasers and character reveals for my fans.  Mark my words; Claiming Carter is the next big thing!!  I was confident in my debut novel, Frozen Secrets, but what I feel for this book is beyond that.  This is my game changer.  This one will put me on the map.  Stay tuned.  I promise you, you are not going to want to miss this!!

Check out the synopsis for Claiming Carter…

Lily Hayes is a beautiful 3rd grade teacher who enjoys her job very much, and has an amazing best friend who keeps her entertained.  The only problem in Lily’s life is that she always dates lame, boring, passionless assholes. No one has ever brought her any adventure.  No one gives her excitement, and after being cheated on by her last boyfriend, Lily is ready for a change.

A change is exactly what she finds when she meets Kelvin Carter Jr.  Kelvin is everything Lily wants in a man: sexy, passionate, spontaneous, attractive, powerful, and the best sex she has ever had.  He is perfect.  But perfection comes with a price.  Kelvin may be exactly what Lily is looking for, but he is also a branch on a Chicago mob’s family tree and the son of a notorious mob boss.

When the couple commences a heart-pounding, overwhelmingly sensual relationship, Lily must decide what she desires more; love and satisfaction, or her own safety.  ©

*This book is intended for mature audiences*

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